British Airways Arrivals & Connections In-Flight Video

Bevis Productions created the public facing ‘Arrivals & Connections In-flight video’ for all British Airways flights arriving at Heathrow Airport. I was tasked with creating a family that would go on the customers journey through various locations at Heathrow airport. As well as storyboarding, production of assets and animation I managed the voice over and subtitles in multiple languages including Chinese, German, Italian and Spanish. We created versions for Terminal 5 and 3.

Asset Creation Based on Real Life Objects

The video required many assets to be created based on actual objects at Heathrow airport. I worked closely with the client in creating these in the animation style. They needed to be accurate to the real life objects, simple and clear to help customers when they arrive at the terminals.

Boarding pass printer

Flight information

Ticket desk

Shuttle bus and train

London Skyline, including famous landmarks

Heathrow Terminal 5 building and British Airways planes including the A380 and A319

ePassport security gates

Elemis travel spa and staff member in uniform (and flowers in vase)

Terminal ceiling detail and foreign language text

High Life magazine

Directions to terminals


Working very closely with the client we storyboarded the script together over several brainstorming sessions. The storyboard took several iterations until we were happy with the story. Then I could proceed to asset creation.

Character Design

Mum, dad, two kids and a variety of characters were designed to populate the animation. There’s a lot of walking involved in arrivals and connections so it was important to create walk cycles for all characters.




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